Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Author of the Gospel of John

"He riseth from supper, and laid aside his garments; and took a towel and girdeth himself. After that he poureth water into a bason, and began to wash the disciples' feet, and to wipe with the towel wherewith he was girded". - John 13: 4,5
"He that hath seen me hath seen the Father" John 14:9

George Washington as John portrayed as Jesus Christ when he meets the Virgin Mary. John 4.

The Virgin Mary is a title used by the authors of the bible. If it is a secret of the writers who wrote the bible, these same people can easily put information to protect what they want to remain hidden. This is a way to preserve history; to put it in codes, often times speaking about peoples, but referring to them as a single person, similar to when we would say England did this or Saudi Arabia did that. The Virgin part of the Virgin Mary refers to Virginia. The first settlement in America was created by King James who may have had a strong hand in the creation of what is today the King James Version of the bible. I'm unsure if it would be correct to say that he was not given credit, or that historically this fact would be something to remain hidden. Anyway, Jamestown was in Virginia. James is the greek equivalent of the hebrew name Jacob. The Mary part of the Virgin Mary comes from Virginia's neighbor to the North East, Maryland which was named by Lord Baltimore. I don't have much more info on that. So, it was in the Gospel of John chapter 4 in which he meets A Samaritan woman. I write it like that because A SAMARITAN can also spell SANTA MARIA. Those 3 ships, the nina pinta Santa Maria translated into english would be "painted baby girl saint Mary". This would mean that the virgin was still a baby in 1492, but by the time Washington was born, 1732, she was ready to stand on her own, be her own woman and have her own king. It was him that cut her umbelical cord and that is signified by Washington, D.C. right between Virginia and Maryland.
Virginia Maryland --- (Virgin Mary)

Back to the story of John 4: He comes to this town of Samaria and there's Jacob's well. remember Jacob is greek for James. He's sitting by the well with nothing to draw water with and who arrives? the Samaritan woman. She says how can you, a jew, ask a drink from me? since the jews have nothing to do with the samaritans. The biblical symbol here is the jew part of Washington, not as what we would think of today as being a jew, but between the masons and the royalty, he was not yet a king, she was the daughter of the British Empire. They have a chat and he tells her: if you had asked me for a drink and the gift of God (which John means), she asks if he is as great as "our father Jacob who gave us this well"? She says Jacob in reference to king James that gave them Jamestown. He says, "go call thy husband" and she says, "I have no husband" and Jesus (George Washington) says, "you correctly say you have no husband, because you've had 5 husbands and the man you are with now is not you're husband." To paraphrase he is saying, "you correctly say you don't have a king, you've been the subject of rule of 5 kings of England and now the king you say you are with isn't your husband." It's very interesting that he says, "go call your husband" almost as though he knows it would take months for her king to come, if he would even come at all, as though he is taunting her. Then he warns her that the hour is coming when "in this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father". He warns her that she "will worship what you do not know." But he says it's the Father that wants to be worshiped. The Samaritan woman goes back to her village and all believe on him because "he knew all that she ever did." Does it sound like George Washington, being born of Virginia and serving the British as a young man while witnessing the development of the virgin territory would know everything she ever did?

The Wedding at Cana as it represents the Revolutionary War and Washington's crowning as King. John 2

This is where Jesus performed his first miracle according to the Gospel of John. The wedding at Cana. The word Cana I believe comes from the book of Genesis as Calneh in Hebrew. Calneh, then becomes Cana, and Canada had a little to do with the Revolution and English royalty. Furthermore, the promised land is called Canaan. Genesis 35:11 ..."Be fruitful and multiply; a nation and many nations shall spring from you; kings shall stem from you."
In the story, Christ's mother comes to him and tells him there is no wine for the wedding banquet. He says to his mother, "woman, don't you know my time has not yet come?" He tells the waiters to take 6 cisterns and fill them with water. When he is speaking to the woman, it is his mother, the Virgin Mary he is speaking to, it's allegorical of this land asking for her own king. When he turns the water into wine, this is the story of the battles where men shed their blood to fight for the new wine. If you recall when he meets A Samaritan woman in John 4 he tells her that whoever drinks from her well will be thirsty again and not live. He is saying that if you fight for the old King and the old way, there is no glory in that, but if the people fought for him, they would be preserved. This is also explaining the mystery of fasting in the synoptic gospels, Mark 2:22. He is offering them new wine. This is also the story of Isaac planting in the land in Genesis 26:12. He planted and reaped 100 fold. It is my opinion and the way that it makes sense to me, that since men are mortal, it was an allegory to plant in the land the idea of freedom from the tyranny of the King of England as a way to testify and preserve their own blood, (wine). That is the new wineskin.
Washington was sworn in to the tune of 'God save the King'. At this time in history it is good to note that since he was portrayed a king and a rebel to England, he was afraid to walk in the land for fear of those loyal to the crown. I'm sure there was a hefty price on his head from King George III."He was afraid to walk in jewry". This would be the allegory that he made himself equal to God, blaspheming: that he was made king equal to the King of England. I would also like to note to those people that say Washington wasn't a king, let me ask you: who ran against him for president? This was his baby and it was by his strength that this nation stood on her own. Ezekiel 16:6 "Then I passed by and saw you weltering in your blood. I said to you: Live in your blood and grow like a plant in the field. You grew and developed, you came to the age of puberty..." The first 13 colonies being the older virgin in the same house. This is the story of the Spirit of God the Father coming into the Virgin Mary. Remember that we are now in the spirit, man's life but a breath, so for God the Father to come down in mortal form, he came down in the spirit. We get words like sport from moving our spirits. "Man's life is but a breath." Not only was Washington the founder of our Nation, in my opinion he was the founder of our world. He was coming to us when we needed order, much like Krshna, "when there is disorder I create myself." Again in the gospel of John, "I and the Father are One" and John 5:17, "the Father worketh unto this day, so I work".He was calling himself, George Washington, the Father, not the son, and referring to the 6th day of creation, the day He created man, He was still at work, creating nations, and it is further my opinion that he wasn't a master mason, he was the highest degree of man, it was Him that was of the order of Grand Architect of the Universe. A deity. AKA St. John the Divine.

The United States of America in the Bible, Solomon's Wisdom, and Abraham Lincoln and Isaac.

It was so obvious when I thought about it. It's so hard to write about this correlation, though. The Holy Bible of course contains prophesies, and a good way to keep people from knowing it hasn't happened yet is to say that it has happened already. Like say it happened 3000 years ago. Also, it took me a long time to figure out that the book's story line isn't chronological in any way.
Abraham Lincoln's older sister was named Sarah. He, like Washington was born in Virginia. Not everything Abraham Lincoln did is in the bible, and it could be that some of what Abraham did in the Bible is not what Abraham Lincoln did. But, keeping the child promised to him from being cut up is what they both did. Incredible, the odds that the man who kept our 'nation of nations' our 'state of States' from being cut up would be named Abraham!<span> Like the man (I think of Washington as a god) before him, he wanted to do what was right. He opposed slavery: "Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally". So, was it not Moses who freed the children of Israel from the labor and captivity of Egypt? Then Abraham would have done what God wanted, abolish slavery and preserve the Union. (Isaac)
David is in his place and looks out the window and sees on her housetop Bathsheba, wife of Uriah the Hittite. He wants to have her even though he's got plenty of wives. So, they're gettin' it on while Uriah is off fighting and she becomes pregnant.  David has Uriah come back to lie with his wife to save himself from embarrassment, but Uriah won't sleep with his wife, so David sends Uriah to the front lines. He ends up killed. Then, through a servant of David's, the Lord speaks to him and says that a man had a few sheep and another had many. The man stole the poor man's most beautiful sheep. (Interesting note: Bathsheba, I think sheba is where we got the word sheep). David is outraged. "Who is that greedy man? I'll kill him"! It was David. The Lord said, "if you wanted more wives, I would have given you more wives, but that was Uriah's wife!"

So, these white people come into a land not theirs, but were promised a 'fertile crescent in the land of canaan', but find that the people there, who are different from them, are quite understanding of their situation. For one thing, there were constant battles over the land between European countries like France and Spain and England over who would control the land. That's when our Great Father Washington stood up and said ENOUGH. It was a real good way to stop the fighting and it was settled. Later, just like all the other great empires that start with a good idea from great people, this one got infested with the greediest, most selfish people, that would lie or do anything to get what they want. Even convincing others that the 'red men' were a bunch of 'savages' or 'devils' and it was okay to steal their land. I know enough people to know that when most of them hear the right crowd speak lies, they believe it. So, anyway, the children of David i.e. the whites saw how beautiful the land was and wanted it. So they began to steal it. Now there's none left for the first Americans to live how they used to. And the Lord said, "it was their land, if you wanted more land I'd have given you more, but that was for those tribes, you had plenty!" But she became the mother of Solomon.
Points of interest:
  1. David is similar to our word 'divide' while Solomon is similar to our word 'solid' or 'solo'
  2. Solomon comes from the hebrew word Shalom which means peace. If you recall, David couldn't build the Lord's house because of all the wars. It had to be Solomon because he was a man of peace.
  3. Bathsheba in an old dictionary I found means: daughter of the promise. I disagree, because the promise being made is between Abraham and Abimelech where Abraham offers Abimelech 7 ewe lambs at beersheba in Genesis. Revelation speaks of a lamb with eyes inside and out. Beer means well, and sheba means, I think, the seven-eyed lamb. Bathsheba: daughter of the seven eyed lamb.
  4. I personally think it's weird: say Abraham Lincoln, then say Abimelech.
So, they got hold of the land we now know as the United States of America. In other words, since it is the state of States, it could also be called, the divided state of America. But, if you recall Solomon's wisdom, he shows it in this story: There were 2 whores living in the same house. Both had a baby, but one of them died. So they go to Solomon and to make a short story shorter, they don't cut up the baby (or did they?) because he figured out who it belonged to. The woman though, it is very interesting says, "Let her have it! I'd rather see it live and her have it than to cut it up!" but what really happened to the baby?

"Do not think I have come to bring peace on the earth. I have come not to bring peace, but a sword. A sword of division. There will be 5 people divided against each other in the same house. The son against the father, the daughter against the mother, and the mother-in-law against the daughter-in-law." They divided the house.